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  • 24x36: A Movie About Movie Posters

    Movie + 1 extra

    2016 • NR • Documentary

    The rise, fall and rebirth of the art of movie posters.

    WHY WE PICKED IT: This insightful documentary reveals how art, commerce and culture collide in our fascination with movie posters, both classic and reimagined.

    Exclusive streaming premiere. Filmmaker Kevin Bu...

  • American Jedi


    From the Director of BRONIES: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony comes Laurent Malaquais' next documentary on extreme fandom, AMERICAN JEDI. In 2001, Jediism, the spiritual mythology of Star Wars, was recognized as an official religion in countries around the world. AMERICAN JE...

  • Art of the Prank


    Art of the Prank is an emotional and humorous journey following the evolution of Joey Skaggs, Godfather of the media hoax, as he tries to pull off the most challenging prank of his career. This is interwoven with amazing archive footage of his earlier escapades-all reported as fact by prestigious...

  • Baby Boom

    Baby Boom


    J.C. Wiatt (Diane Keaton), a six-figure workaholic management consultant who is also known to her colleagues as the "Tiger Lady," learns that she has "inherited" an apple-cheeked, 14-month-old girl! No way, Jos?, is J.C. going to keep this career-inhibiting menace-- it's off to the adoption agenc...

  • The Banksy Job


    March 2004. The artist known as Banksy illegally erects a ten-foot statue in a small square off Shaftsbury Avenue in central London. Titled 'The Drinker', this sculpture is a replica of Rodin's 'The Thinker' - with a traffic cone placed on its head. The only clue as to who put it there is a stenc...

  • Barney Thomson


    2015 • UR • Comedy, Crimes & Thrillers, International

    Robert Carlyle's darkly comedic directorial debut.

    WHY WE PICKED IT: Emma Thompson is fantastic as ever and nearly unrecognizable playing against-type in this delightfully macabre tale.

    Barney Thomson starts his day as a barber and e...

  • B.B. King: The Life of Riley


    B.B. King: The Life of Riley tells the story of how an oppressed and orphaned young man came to influence and earn the unmitigated praise of the music industry and its following, to carry the title: ‘King of the Blues’.

    Narrated by Morgan Freeman, this documentary features interviews with Bono...

  • Between a Frock & a Hard Place

    Movie + 2 extras

    2015 • NR • Documentary, International, LGBT

    Behind ‘The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.’

    WHY WE PICKED IT: Narrated by Terence Stamp, this fascinating documentary offers a behind-the-scenes look at a now-beloved movie’s controversial release.

    When Stephen Elliott’s glitzy...

  • Breakup at a Wedding


    On the eve of their wedding, Alison gets cold feet and decides to break up with her fiance Phil. But rather than face the embarrassment of calling off the ceremony, Alison suggests to Phil that they proceed with a sham wedding. Phil is more than game to try, secretly hoping that a surprise gift h...

  • Buried
    Movie + 1 extra


    Movie + 1 extra

    2010 • R • Drama, Mystery & Suspense, Crimes & Thrillers

    Ryan Reynolds is buried alive and running out of air.

    WHY WE PICKED IT: This claustrophobic thriller contains the entirety of its action within the coffin, cleverly escalating the tension to gut-wrenching effect.

    American truck dr...

  • Cabin Fever


    2003 • R • Horror, Crimes & Thrillers

    Beware of flesh-eating viruses in the woods.

    WHY WE PICKED IT: Horror director Eli Roth’s debut pays loving, bloody homage to genre classics ‘The Evil Dead’ and ‘The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.’

    Five college friends head to a remote cabin in the woods...

  • Cabin Fever 2: Spring Break


    Days after a killer virus consumed his friends, Paul emerges from a ditch by a river. Though his body has been ravaged by the virus, Paul is determined to survive - and to warn others of the danger. But a water bottling plant has already distributed contaminated water to the local high school. Th...

  • Dior and I


    Dior and I brings the viewer inside the storied world of the Christian Dior fashion house with a privileged, behind-the-scenes look at the creation of Raf Simons' first haute couture collection as its new artistic director-a true labor of love created by a dedicated group of collaborators. Meldin...

  • La Cage Aux Folles


    Two of Europe's most virile male stars, Michel Serrault and Ugo Tognazzi, portray two very flamboyant, aging gay gentlemen. Tognazzi is the owner of a St. Tropez nightclub where the chief attraction is a drag act performed by his lover, Serrault. Tognazzi has a son from a former marriage who is e...

  • La Cage Aux Folles II


    The two gentlemen from LA CAGE AUX FOLLES are back! "Zaza" (Michel Serrault) thinks that he is no longer attractive to Renato (Ugo Tognazzi), and to make him jealous sets out to the local caf? in magnificent "drag"--where "she" is promptly picked up by a spy who is fleeing from enemy agents. Soon...

  • Capote



    2005 • R • Biography, Drama, Award Winning

    The story-behind-the-story of writing ‘In Cold Blood.’

    WHY WE PICKED IT: Philip Seymour Hoffman’s transformative performance is a riveting, poignant portrayal of an oft-mythologized American icon.

    Celebrated author Truman Capote is reveling in ...

  • Caramel



    In Beirut, five women meet regularly in a beauty salon, a colorful and sensual microcosm of the city where several generations come into contact, talk and confide in each other. Layale loves Rabih, but Rabih is married. Nisrine is Muslim and her forthcoming marriage poses a problem; she is no lon...

  • The Center of the World


    What should have been a simple cash-for-sex arrangement sends a young computer genius and a beautiful stripper on an emotionally shattering journey into their deepest erotic fantasies. Captured with raw, voyeuristic intimacy, it's a provocative, sensual tour de force from acclaimed independent fi...

  • China Moon


    A steamy suspense thriller about a veteran detective in a small Florida city whose backstreet romance with a wealthy young widow spins a web of deceit, betrayal and murder. His official investigation of the crime backfires when the trail begins to point to him.

  • Chuck & Buck


    2000 • R • Comedy, Drama, LGBT

    Buck is obsessed with his childhood best friend, Chuck.

    WHY WE PICKED IT: Mike White wrote and stars in this daring, intentionally awkward dark comedy about arrested development.

    Following the death of his mother, 27-year-old man-child Buck reunites with h...

  • The Color of Time


    James Franco, Mila Kunis, Jessica Chastain, and Zach Braff star in this dramatic and riveting look at the life and work of ionic Pulitzer Prize-winning poet C.K. Williams. Williams (Franco) has a beautiful, adoring wife (Kunis) and a young son. But as he prepares for a reading in New York City an...

  • Contemporary Color


    2016 • PG-13 • Documentary, Music & Musicals

    David Byrne’s dazzling celebration of synchronized dance.

    WHY WE PICKED IT: This beautifully filmed, eclectic, kinetic event boasts original music from artists including Saint Vincent, Nelly Furtado, and Ad-Rock.

    Legendary musician and former...

  • Cooley High


    A bittersweet tale of life in a black vocational high school in Chicago in 1964. Film follows two students through girl trouble, school trouble and law trouble. A top notch sociological study of black youths with a touch of fun a la 'American Graffitti'.

  • The Dark Half


    A precocious writer undergoes a grotesque operation which reveals a twin in his brain in this adaptation of the Stephen King novel. He begins a double writing life, using his real name on "art" novels and using a pseudonym for his disreputable best-sellers. When the pseudonym discovers he is to b...