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  • 12 Angry Men


    1957 • NR • Crimes & Thrillers, Drama

    Henry Fonda stars in the seminal courtroom classic.

    WHY WE PICKED IT: Legendary filmmaker Sidney Lumet’s iconic debut feature is a riveting examination of what it means to be innocent until proven guilty.

    Inside a small jury room in New York City on...

  • 24 Hour Party People


    2002 • R • Biography, Comedy, Drama

    The wild, true story of the revolutionary rise and fall of Factory Records.

    WHY WE PICKED IT: This lively, irreverent tribute to the Manchester music scene is oft cited as one of the best movies about music ever made.

    Tony Wilson (a marvelously manic ...

  • 24x36: A Movie About Movie Posters

    Movie + 1 extra

    2016 • NR • Documentary

    The rise, fall and rebirth of the art of movie posters.

    WHY WE PICKED IT: This insightful documentary reveals how art, commerce and culture collide in our fascination with movie posters, both classic and reimagined.

    Exclusive streaming premiere. Filmmaker Kevin Bu...

  • 29 Palms

    29 Palms


    2002 • R • Drama, Crimes & Thrillers, Comedy

    A casino’s missing bag of money keeps changing hands.

    WHY WE PICKED IT: This interconnected crime thriller boasts wonderfully weird characters, an enjoyable ensemble cast, and some surprisingly funny one-liners.

    When a bag of money goes missi...

  • According to Greta


    2009 • PG-13 • Drama, Romance

    Hilary Duff is a suicidal teenager in love.

    WHY WE PICKED IT: 2000s tween queen Hilary Duff tackles grown-up issues in this engrossing melodrama featuring moving performances from Evan Ross and Ellen Burstyn.

    After her indifferent mother gets married for the...

  • A Dry White Season


    1989 • R • Crimes & Thrillers, Drama

    Donald Sutherland & Marlon Brando in an elegy to apartheid.

    WHY WE PICKED IT: You need to see this terrific performance by Brando, unjustly overshadowed by his more famous roles.

    Ben du Toit, a white school teacher in South Africa, learns about the h...

  • A Film Unfinished


    2010 • UR • Documentary, War, International

    A breakthrough examination of the holocaust.

    WHY WE PICKED IT: This riveting documentary intermixes Nazi propaganda footage with the reactions of real-life Warsaw Ghetto survivors to heartbreaking effect.

    A 60-minute film, simply labeled 'Ghet...

  • A Fistful of Dynamite
    Movie + 2 extras

    A Fistful of Dynamite

    Movie + 2 extras

    PG • 1972 • Western, Action & Adventure, War

    An action-packed spaghetti Western by Sergio Leone.

    WHY WE PICKED IT: You need to see this this lesser-known Leone classic, too long in the shadow of his more famous 'Dollars' trilogy.

    An Irish soldier of fortune with a knack for explosives j...

  • Ace in the Hole


    1951 • R • Drama

    A whip-smart indictment of the American media circus.

    WHY WE PICKED IT: Wilder's follow-up to ‘Sunset Boulevard’ is a cutting critique of opportunistic journalism that has only become more relevant with time.

    Kirk Douglas is Charles Tatum, an unscrupulous veteran report...

  • The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai


    1984 • PG • Action & Adventure, Comedy, Romance

    A rock and roll brain surgeon saves the world.

    WHY WE PICKED IT: This pulpy sci-fi parody’s top-notch cast leaned into the unabashed lunacy to create a delightfully over-the-top 80s cult classic.

    Multi-talented neurosurgeon Buckaroo Banzai...

  • The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

    Movie + 3 extras

    1994 • R • Comedy, Music & Musicals, LGBT

    The fierce, funny Aussie film that brought drag to the masses.

    WHY WE PICKED IT: This delightful, extravagant road movie was a watershed moment for the LGBTQ community, and inspired a hit Broadway adaptation.

    Stephan Elliott’s inimitable story a...

  • Affliction


    1997 • R • Crimes & Thrillers, Award Winning, Drama

    An intense, haunting film from the writer of ‘Taxi Driver’.

    WHY WE PICKED IT: Paul Schrader directs this beautifully filmed story against the harsh snow-white backdrop of a town where everyone knows each other.

    Sissy Spacek, Nick Nolte,...

  • Alphaville


    1965 • NR • Drama, Science Fiction & Fantasy, International

    Dystopian sci-fi meets pulpy film noir.

    WHY WE PICKED IT: New Wave meets Film Noir in a sci-fi film only famed French auteur Jean-Luc Godard could conceive.

    Welcome to Alphaville, a dystopian space city far, far away. U.S. gove...

  • Amandla!



    2002 • PG-13 • Documentary, Music & Musicals

    The stunning story of protest music in South Africa.

    WHY WE PICKED IT: This triumphant look at the grassroots role of music in political resistance is filled with poignant songs that long stay with you.

    Lee Hirsch’s inspiring documentary comp...

  • Amélie
    Movie + 6 extras


    Movie + 6 extras

    2001 • R • Comedy, Romance, International, Award Winning

    A quirky and comedic arthouse smash with style to spare.

    WHY WE PICKED IT: A fresh-faced Audrey Tautou is the wide-eyed embodiment of charm in this whimsical international sensation.

    Amélie, a painfully shy waitress working at a ...

  • Anita Ho

    Anita Ho


    2014 • NR • Comedy, Romance

    A charming Asian-American take on ‘Meet the Parents.’

    WHY WE PICKED IT: This sweet culture-clash comedy is loosely based on the real life courtship of its married costars and cowriters, Steve and Lina So Myung.

    Unemployed screenwriter Harry Ho plans to propos...

  • The Apartment
    Movie + 3 extras

    The Apartment

    Movie + 3 extras

    1960 • NR • Comedy, Romance, Award Winning

    This midcentury comedy is director Billy Wilder at his best.

    WHY WE PICKED IT: Wilder’s iconic look at the darker side of office politics has been cited as a major influence by ‘Mad Men’ creator Matthew Weiner.

    An ambitious office-worker currie...

  • Bad Santa

    Bad Santa


    2003 • R • Comedy, Crimes & Thrillers, Drama

    A dark comedy with a thieving department store Santa Claus.

    WHY WE PICKED IT: This deliciously dour, gleefully offensive Christmas comedy is the perfect antidote to forced holiday cheer.

    Billy Bob Thorton is Willie T. Stokes, a gloriously rud...

  • Barney Thomson


    2015 • UR • Comedy, Crimes & Thrillers, International

    Robert Carlyle's darkly comedic directorial debut.

    WHY WE PICKED IT: Emma Thompson is fantastic as ever and nearly unrecognizable playing against-type in this delightfully macabre tale.

    Barney Thomson starts his day as a barber and e...

  • Battle for Terra


    2007 • PG • Animation, Action & Adventure

    An alien girl tries to save her planet from invaders.

    WHY WE PICKED IT: This animated sci-fi story features an earnest environmental message and ridiculously packed all-star cast.

    The peaceful residents of Terra are facing an attack from outer ...

  • The Beaver


    2011 • PG-13 • Drama

    Jodi Foster, Mel Gibson, and a talking beaver hand puppet.

    WHY WE PICKED IT: A recently-plagued-by-scandal Mel Gibson offers a skillful portrayal of mental illness in this darkly comic drama directed by Foster.

    Walter Black is the tormented head of a failing toy com...

  • The Big Empty


    2003 • R • Comedy, Drama, Mystery & Suspense

    A broke actor, a suitcase, and a too good to be true payday.

    WHY WE PICKED IT: This amiable indie comedy starring a young Jon Favreau has a stellar supporting cast and enjoyable aversion to predictability.

    John Person is an out-of-work actor ...

  • Billy Liar


    1963 • NR • Comedy, Romance, Drama

    An underachiever escapes via constant daydreams.

    WHY WE PICKED IT: This seminal British film from the 1960s kick-started the careers of both director John Schlesinger and actress Julie Christie.

    Billy Fisher is a bored, lazy undertaker’s assistant livi...

  • Between a Frock & a Hard Place

    Movie + 3 extras

    2015 • NR • Documentary, International, LGBT

    Behind ‘The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.’

    WHY WE PICKED IT: Narrated by Terence Stamp, this fascinating documentary offers a behind-the-scenes look at a now-beloved movie’s controversial release.

    When Stephen Elliott’s glitzy...