Tribeca Shortlist

Finding a great movie should be easy. At Tribeca Shortlist, we only include high-quality movies that are recommended by industry insiders. Now, you can stop wasting time searching and start watching.

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Tribeca Shortlist

Finding a great movie should be easy. At Tribeca Shortlist, we only include high-quality movies that are recommended by industry insiders. Now, you can stop wasting time searching and start watching.

  • Michael Showalter's "Movies that...

    3 Videos

  • Thieves

    1 Video

  • Natalie Morales' "More Than Meet...

    3 Videos

  • Matt Walsh's "Memorable Movies"

    4 Videos

  • Vincent Pastore's "Men With Driv...

    4 Videos

  • Cary Elwes' Shortlist

    6 Videos

  • Tim Gunn's "Make It Work" Movies

    3 Videos

  • Cazzie David & Elisa Kalani's "B...

    4 Videos

  • Allen Maldonado: Inspiring Perfo...

    4 Videos

  • Ricky Whittle's "Crazy Town" Movies

    1 Video

  • Jason Constantine's Shortlist

    4 Videos

  • #girlgaze with Amanda de Cadenet

    2 Videos

  • Guillermo Díaz's Shortlist

    9 Videos

  • Zoe Lister-Jones' "Women on Top"...

    3 Videos

  • William H. Macy's "Gotta See" Mo...

    5 Videos

  • Isaac Mizrahi's Shortlist

    7 Videos

  • Comanche Moon

    1 Video

  • Overboard

    1 Video

  • Dominic Monaghan's Shortlist

    6 Videos

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  1. Thieves

    1 Video

    1996 • R • Crimes & Thrillers, Drama, International

    A complex French crime drama starring Catherine Deneuve.

    WHY WE PICKED IT: This densely woven thriller shifts its point of view with each chapter to give each narrative arc equal heart.

    Lives intersect in this nonlinear series of events centered around Ivan, a murdered car thief; his uptight brother Alex, who rebelled against their criminal family by becoming a police officer; Juliette,...

  2. Michael Showalter's "Movies that Made...

    3 Videos

    Movie recommendations from director and actor Michael Showalter, known for 'The Big Sick,' and 'Wet Hot American Summer'

    Michael Showalter is an American comedian, actor, director, writer and producer. He is a member of the sketch comedy trio Stella, and first came to television and film as a cast member on MTV's 'The State.' He co-wrote (with David Wain) and starred in 'Wet Hot American Summer' in 2001. His other credits include 'The Baxter,' '...

  3. Natalie Morales' "More Than Meets the...

    3 Videos

    Movie recommendations from actor and director Natalie Morales, known for Fox's 'The Grinder'

    Natalie Morales is an American actress who has starred in ABC Family's 'The Middleman,' the first season of USA's 'White Collar,' and hit NBC sitcom, 'Parks and Recreation.' Morales also had a starring role in Fox's comedy series 'The Grinder,' and she most recently starred in 'Battle of the Sexes' alongside Emma Stone and Steve Carell.

  4. Matt Walsh's "Memorable Movies"

    4 Videos

    Movie recommendations from actor Matt Walsh, known for HBO's 'Veep'

    Originally from Chicago, Matt Walsh is a founding member of the national improv-sketch comedy theater Upright Citizens Brigade, which has schools and venues in both New York and Los Angeles. He continues to be active with the Upright Citizens Brigade, both as an instructor and performer. Walsh currently stars in HBO’s award-winning comedy series ‘Veep’ as Mike McLintock, the Dir...

  5. Vincent Pastore's "Men With Drive" Mo...

    4 Videos

    Movie recommendations from actor Vincent Pastore, known for HBO's 'The Sopranos'

    An Italian American from The Bronx, Vincent Pastore was in the club business for thirty years before turning to acting. He is best known for his long-running performance on HBO's ‘The Sopranos,’ though other television credits include: ‘Blue Blood,’ ‘Celebrity Apprentice,’ ‘Law & Order,’ ‘General Hospital,’ and ‘One Life to Live.’ He has been in films alongside ever...

  6. Cary Elwes' Shortlist

    6 Videos

    Movie recommendations from actor Cary Elwes, known for 'The Princess Bride,' 'Days of Thunder,' and 'Saw'

    Cary Elwes is perhaps best known for his starring role in the classic comedy, ‘The Princess Bride.’ The actor, who also appeared in ‘Glory,’ ‘Days of Thunder,’ ‘Bram Stoker’s Dracula’ and ‘Saw,’ can soon be seen in ‘The Billionaire Boys Club’ and the third season of Sony Crackle’s ‘The Art of More.’ His writing credits include the film ‘Elvi...

  7. Tim Gunn's "Make It Work" Movies

    3 Videos

    Movie recommendations from fashion executive Tim Gunn, known for 'Project Runway'

    Tim Gunn is a recognized and sought after fashion executive and administrator. He has been an Emmy® winning co-host and mentor for the past 16 seasons of Lifetime’s 'Project Runway,' where he also serves as one of the show’s producers. Tim was also a member of the administration and faculty at Parsons School of Design for 29 years. Under his direction at Parsons, t...

  8. Cazzie David & Elisa Kalani's "Bestie...

    4 Videos

    Movie recommendations from Cazzie David and Elisa Kalani, known for their web series 'Eighty-Sixed'

    Cazzie David and Elisa Kalani are former college roommates, current best friends, co-cat owners, and each other's go-to movie watching partners. Cazzie, an established social media star and daughter of 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' creator Larry David, has been considered an up-and-coming voice of the millennial generation. Cazzie and Elisa’s hilarious w...

  9. Allen Maldonado: Inspiring Performances

    4 Videos

    Movie recommendations from actor Allen Maldonado, known for ABC's ‘Black-Ish’ and ‘Straight Outta Compton’

    Multi-talented actor, writer, and entrepreneur Allen Maldonado's early career included roles in the Emmy® nominated CBS drama 'Judging Amy' and FX's 'The Shield.' More recently, he has appeared in several blockbuster films, including 'The Equalizer' and 'Straight Outta Compton,' and he currently co-stars in the award-winning ABC sitcom, 'Bl...

  10. Ricky Whittle's "Crazy Town" Movies

    1 Video

    Movie recommendations from actor Ricky Whittle, known for ‘The 100’ and ‘American Gods’

    Ricky Whittle originally came to prominence as a model for Reebok in the early 2000s. Originally from Oldham, England, some of his first roles were in ‘Dream Team,’ ‘Holby City,’ and ‘Hollyoaks,’ and he later guest-starred in ‘NCIS’ and became a regular on the hit television show ‘The 100.’ He was also a contestant on BBC One’s ‘Strictly Come Dancing,’ where ...

  11. Jason Constantine's Shortlist

    4 Videos

    Movie recommendations from Jason Constantine, the President of Acquisitions at Lionsgate Entertainment

    As the President of Acquistions at Lionsgate Entertainment, Jason Constantine is a true film enthusiast. With an appetite ranging from niche movies to mass-market horror, Jason has been involved in the development of numerous award-winning films, ranging from 'Saw' to 'Crash' and 'Away From Her.'

  12. #girlgaze with Amanda de Cadenet

    2 Videos

    Movie recommendations from producer and photographer Amanda de Cadenet, known for her Lifetime Television interview series, ‘The Conversation’

    Amanda de Cadenet began taking pictures and conducting interviews in her early teens, with a focus on portraying women with honesty and authenticity. She is the youngest woman to shoot a Vogue magazine cover and has photographed and interviewed some of the world’s most famous figures, from Serena Williams...

  13. Guillermo Díaz's Shortlist

    9 Videos

    Movie recommendations from actor Guillermo Díaz, known for ABC's ‘Scandal’

    Known for his roles on ‘Scandal’ and ‘Girls,’ Guillermo Díaz has an extensive filmography, ranging from the classic ‘Scarface’ to Nigel Finch’s acclaimed film, ‘Stonewall.’ Not limited to television and movies, he has also been featured in music videos by Britney Spears, Beyoncé, and Jay Z. In 2014, Guillermo made his directorial debut with a socially conscious documentar...

  14. Zoe Lister-Jones' "Women on Top" Movies

    3 Videos

    Movie recommendations from actress and writer Zoe Lister-Jones, known for CBS' 'Life In Pieces'

    Acclaimed actress, writer, and producer Zoe Lister-Jones is a woman of many talents. She has appeared in titles such as 'Consumed' (which she produced), 'The Good Wife,' and 'Kidnapped.' She also starred on Broadway in 'Seminar' and 'The Little Dog Laughed,' as well as her one-woman show, 'Codependence is a Four Letter Word,' which she wrote and produ...

  15. William H. Macy's "Gotta See" Movies

    5 Videos

    Movie recommendations from actor William H. Macy, known for 'Fargo' and Showtime's 'Shameless'

    William H. Macy is an Oscar-nominated American actor, screenwriter, teacher and theater director. He studied under David Mamet, and is best known for his memorable character work in independent cinema. He currently stars on Showtime's 'Shameless.'

  16. Isaac Mizrahi's Shortlist

    7 Videos

    Movie recommendations from womenswear fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi, known for ‘Project Runway: All-Stars,’ ‘Unzipped’

    Isaac Mizrahi is an American womenswear fashion designer, TV host, and Chief Designer of the Isaac Mizrahi brand for Xcel Brands. Previously he co-created and was the subject of ‘Unzipped,’ a documentary about the making of his Fall 1994 collection. He is based in New York City and is best known for his multiple eponymous fashi...

  17. Comanche Moon

    1 Video

    2008 • NR • Western, Drama, Romance

    Meet the famous Texas Rangers, pre-Lonesome Dove.

    WHY WE PICKED IT: This leisurely paced prequel to ‘Lonesome Dove’ entertainingly embraces the stereotypes of the Wild West.

    Almost twenty years after Robert Duvall and Tommy Lee Jones first immortalized former Texas Rangers Augustus "Gus" McCrae and Woodrow F. Call in the classic Western miniseries ‘Lonesome Dove,’ Steve Zahn and Karl Urban bring them ba...

  18. Overboard

    1 Video

    1987 • PG • Comedy, Romance, Crimes & Thrillers

    A screwball, riches-to-rags comedy.

    WHY WE PICKED IT: The undeniable chemistry between real life, longtime partners Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell lends this unlikely love story an authentic twist.

    Haughty socialite Joanna Stayton lives an opulent life of luxury on the family yacht with her layabout husband Grant – until the night she falls overboard and loses her memory. Things take a hysteri...

  19. Dominic Monaghan's Shortlist

    6 Videos

    Movie recommendations from actor Dominic Monaghan, known for 'Lord of the Rings,' 'Lost'

    Dominic Monaghan first burst onto the global scene with his starring role as the Hobbit Merry in Peter Jackson’s ‘Lord of the Rings’ Trilogy. Soon after, he won the hearts of millions as troubled rocker Charlie on the ABC series ‘Lost.’ Most recently, he’s starred in the psychological horror film ‘Pet’ and the sci-fi thriller ‘Atomica.’

  20. You Kill Me

    1 Video

    2007 • R • Comedy, Crimes & Thrillers, Romance

    Because the mob never really lets you go.

    WHY WE PICKED IT: Ben Kingsley’s deadpan delivery brings new life to the story of an emotionally fragile mobster on the mend, à la 'The Sopranos.'

    Frank Falenczyk is a mafia hitman with a problem – a drinking problem. When he passes out and messes up a critical assignment, his uncle, who also happens to be the Buffalo-based family’s mob boss, sends hi...

  21. What's Cooking?

    1 Video

    2000 • PG-13 • Comedy, Drama, Romance

    It's Thanksgiving dinner with four very different families.

    WHY WE PICKED IT: This charming holiday film offers a unique take on traditional celebrations across the multicultural landscape of modern day Los Angeles.

    The stories of four diverse American families of African American, Jewish, Latino and Vietnamese ethnicity, respectively, interweave as each prepares to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday...

  22. Dita Von Teese's Shortlist

    9 Videos

    Movie recommendations from burlesque performer, fashion icon and beauty writer, Dita Von Teese
    A burlesque star and modern-day feminist, Dita Von Teese grew up fascinated by the Golden Age of Cinema, pin-up imagery, and vintage lingerie. Performing striptease since 1992, she is the biggest name in modern burlesque and is credited with bringing the art form back into the cultural spotlight. In addition to her famous burlesque shows, Dita is a se...

  23. We Are the Best!

    1 Video

    2013 • NR • International, Drama, Music & Musicals

    Three young Swedish misfits form an all-girl punk band.

    WHY WE PICKED IT: An authentic, utterly delightful and affectionate tribute to adolescent rebellion.

    Growing up in early 1980s Stockholm, androgynous, mohawk-sporting Klara and her best friend Bobo are ostracized by their 13-year-old peers and looking for an outlet. Thus, despite having no instruments or even necessarily any musical...

  24. Morgan Spurlock's Shortlist

    6 Videos

    Movie recommendations from documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock, known for 'Super Size Me'

    The director of the critically acclaimed and Oscar®-nominated documentary 'Super Size Me', Morgan Spurlock is an American humorist, television producer and political activist.

  25. The Servant

    1 Video

    1964 • UR • Drama, Romance

    A sly, twisted masterpiece of manners.

    WHY WE PICKED IT: This chilling story is a smart, subversive take on British class relations, sexual ambiguity, and the intoxicating power of, well, power.

    In 1960s London, Tony, a young, lackadaisical British aristocrat, hires the mysterious Hugo Barrett to become his personal servant, and the two quickly form a quiet bond. But Barret soon begins exercising a surreptitious...

  26. The Warriors

    1 Video

    1979 • R • Action & Adventure, Crimes & Thrillers

    Walter Hill’s cult classic NYC gang film. Can you dig it?

    WHY WE PICKED IT: This beloved, super-stylized action film is a regularly referenced, über gritty look at 1970s New York.

    A crew of Brooklyn teens known as the Warriors must make it back to Coney Island after a mass gathering in the Bronx ends in murder and sends groups of rival gangs into chaos. Fleeing through the city on a transf...

  27. The Way of the Gun

    1 Video

    2000 • R • Action & Adventure, Crimes & Thrillers

    Two criminals kidnap the wrong woman.

    WHY WE PICKED IT: This densely plotted bloodfest became a cult classic for its quick, quotable dialogue and blatant subversion of conventional heroism.

    Two small-time thugs get more than they bargained for when they decide to kidnap a surrogate mother. Anchored by great performances, this was the directorial debut of Christopher McQuarrie, who first st...

  28. Matt Jacobson's Shortlist

    8 Videos

    Movie recommendations from businessman Matt Jacobson, Facebook’s Film & Media Liaison

    Taking a gamble on a new start-up, Matt Jacobson became employee No. 8 at Facebook. He’s the liaison between Silicon Valley and Hollywood, where social media continues to play a powerful role in movies and TV.

  29. The Lion in Winter

    4 Videos

    1968 • PG • Drama, Award Winning, Biography

    Royal intrigue infiltrates the holiday season in medieval France.

    WHY WE PICKED IT: Anthony Hopkins made his film debut in this sharp period piece headlined by movie greats Peter O’Toole and Katharine Hepburn.

    King Henry II wants to invite his estranged wife and three children, all posed to inherit the throne, to celebrate Christmas with his mistress. Royal family drama – and humor – ensues as t...

  30. Paula Froelich's Shortlist

    6 Videos

    Movie recommendations from writer and travel show host Paula Froelich, known for ‘A Broad Abroad'

    Paula Froelich is the New York Times best-selling author of the novel 'Mercury In Retrograde' and the non-fiction book 'IT! The Nine Secrets Of The Rich And Famous That Will Take You To The Top.' Most recently, from 2014-2016, Paula was the launch editor and editor-in-chief of Yahoo Travel and host of the popular 'A Broad Abroad' travel video show i...

  31. The Importance of Being Earnest

    1 Video

    2002 • PG • Comedy, Drama, Romance

    Oscar Wilde's classic comedy of manners, led by Colin Firth.

    WHY WE PICKED IT: Rapid-fire witty dialogue leads to rapid-fire bouts of laughter in this hilarious - and eminently quotable - social satire.

    Colin Firth and Rupert Everett star in Oliver Parker’s breezy adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s classic, clever play about two proper young gentlemen in 1890s London who use the same pseudonym, Earnest, for the...

  32. Zac Posen's Shortlist

    6 Videos

    Movie recommendations from womenswear fashion designer Zac Posen

    Born in New York, Zac Posen is a preeminent womenswear designer. His dresses have walked the red carpet worn by Natalie Portman, Kate Winslet, Claire Danes, Beyoncé Knowles and many others. He’s a recipient of the CFDA Swarovski’s Perry Ellis Award for Womenswear in 2004.

  33. The Great Escape

    2 Videos

    1963 • NR • Action & Adventure, Drama, War

    A true story, a marvelous cast, WWII drama and Steve McQueen.

    WHY WE PICKED IT: The classic, captivating film that brought superstar status to Steve McQueen remains one of the greatest war movies of all time.

    Astoundingly based on a true story, this film follows prisoners of war who concoct and execute a stunning prison break from a supposedly escape-proof Nazi camp. Richard Attenborough asse...

  34. Alec Baldwin's Shortlist

    6 Videos

    Movie recommendations from actor and producer Alec Baldwin, known for '30 Rock,' 'Beetlejuice,' 'Saturday Night Live'

    Beloved actor and producer Alec Baldwin starred in 'Beetlejuice', was nominated for an Oscar® for his role in 'The Cooler,' and has received numerous Golden Globe and Emmy wins for his wildly popular role of Jack Donaghy on the TV series '30 Rock.' He is currently featured on 'Saturday Night Live' as recurring character, Presiden...

  35. The Duellists

    1 Video

    1978 • PG • Drama, War

    Two French soldiers can’t stop fighting.

    WHY WE PICKED IT: The now prolific director Ridley Scott’s first feature film is a precise, visually striking look at violence committed for violence’s sake.

    In nineteenth century Strasbourg, the year Napolean came to power, French soldier Gabriel (Harvey Keitel) nearly kills the mayor’s nephew. When fellow soldier Armand (Keith Carradine) is sent to arrest him, he makes the ...

  36. Joe Trapanese's Shortlist

    6 Videos

    Movie recommendations from film composer Joe Trapanese, known for ‘Straight Outta Compton’

    Joe Trapanese has written the music for ‘The Divergent Series: Allegiant’, ‘The Raid Redemption’ and ‘The Raid 2’. He is best known for his collaborations with Dr. Dre on ‘Straight Outta Compton’ and with Daft Punk on ‘TRON: Legacy.’

  37. The Dead

    1 Video

    1987 • PG • Drama, Award Winning

    A wife’s remembrances lead her husband to an epiphany.

    WHY WE PICKED IT: Director John Huston’s final film, starring his daughter Angelica, is a subtle, poignant adaptation of James Joyce’s masterful short story.

    In 1904 Dublin, two elderly spinster sisters host a dinner party whose handful of guests include their nephew Gabriel Conroy and his wife Gretta. The evening’s conversation leads Gretta to rememb...

  38. Erik Feig's Shortlist

    6 Videos

    Movie recommendations from Erik Feig, the Co-President of the Motion Picture Group at Lionsgate Entertainment

    The Co-President of the Motion Picture Group at Lionsgate Entertainment, Erik Feig is a veteran of the film industry, and a life-long movie lover. As a producer on cult classics such as 'I Know What You Did Last Summer' and 'Slackers,' Erik's appreciation for film is informed by decades of experience.

  39. Swimming with Sharks

    4 Videos

    1994 • R • Comedy, Crimes & Thrillers

    Kevin Spacey is the boss from hell.

    WHY WE PICKED IT: This smart, darkly hilarious Hollywood satire pivots on Spacey’s perfectly over-the-top embodiment of a merciless manager.

    Buddy Ackerman, a ruthless Hollywood executive, has an assistant who knows how to take a beating until he completely snaps. Written and directed by a former Sony Pictures employee armed with first-hand knowledge and featuring K...

  40. Garry Marshall's Shortlist

    4 Videos

    Movie recommendations from director and producer Garry Marshall, known for 'Pretty Woman' and 'Happy Days'

    Born in the Bronx, Garry Marshall made America laugh. He created some of the most popular sitcoms on TV - “Happy Days,” “The Odd Couple,” “Laverne and Shirley,” “Mork & Mindy,” and the box office hit “Pretty Woman.”

  41. Silent Night

    1 Video

    2012 • R • Comedy, Horror, Mystery & Suspense

    A killer Santa Claus is on the loose.

    WHY WE PICKED IT: This reimagining of the original 1984 cult classic is imbued with a darkly tongue-in-cheek humor and enough gore to keep horror fans happy.

    On Christmas Eve in a small Midwestern town, a mysterious man dressed as Santa Claus is brutally killing people he’s deemed as “naughty.” With the streets full of individuals dressed as Santa for the ...

  42. Phoebe Robinson's Shortlist

    2 Videos

    Movie recommendations from stand-up comic, writer and podcaster Phoebe Robinson, known for 'Broad City,' 'Girl Code,' '2 Dope Queens'

    Phoebe Robinson is a stand-up comedian, writer, actress, and podcaster who has appeared on NBC’s 'Late Night with Seth Meyers' and Comedy Central’s 'Broad City.' Her writing has been featured in multiple publications, she is a staff writer on MTV’s 'Girl Code,' and she is the creator and costar of the hit WNYC pod...

  43. Cara Cusumano's Shortlist

    4 Videos

    Movie recommendations from Cara Cusumano, the Director of Programming for the Tribeca Film Festival

    As Director of Programming for Tribeca Film Festival, which she first joined in 2008, Cara Cusumano oversees feature film and TV programming for the festival.

  44. Serie Noire

    1 Video

    1979 • NR • Crimes & Thrillers, Drama, International

    Alain Corneau’s unsettling French crime film.

    WHY WE PICKED IT: This purposefully bleak portrayal of life on the fringes doesn’t shy away from showcasing its protagonist’s dramatic decent into madness.

    Neurotic door-to-door salesman Franck Poupart is barely scraping by in the suburbs of Paris when he meets Mona, a quiet, dreamy 15-year-old autistic girl whose elderly aunt has turned he...

  45. Rider on the Rain

    1 Video

    1970 • PG-13 • Crimes & Thrillers, Award Winning, International

    A masterful French mystery in the tradition of Hitchcock.

    WHY WE PICKED IT: René Clément’s spellbinding, stylish thriller was a European smash that made Charles Bronson an international star.

    When a beautiful but lonely young woman, Melancolie Mau, is raped by a masked assailant at an off-season resort in the South of France, she shoots her attacker, dumps his body in the se...

  46. Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

    1 Video

    2010 • R • Science Fiction & Fantasy, Horror, International

    The real nightmare before Christmas.

    WHY WE PICKED IT: In the depths of the Korvatunturi mountains lies the closest ever guarded secret of Christmas. The time has come to dig it up!

    It's Christmas Eve in northern Finland, and an archeological dig has just unearthed the real Santa Claus. But this particular Santa isn't the one you want coming to town. A wildly humorous and nightma...

  47. Mermaids

    1 Video

    1990 • PG-13 • Comedy, Drama, Romance

    Cher heads up the unconventional family in this '90s classic.

    WHY WE PICKED IT: Christina Ricci made her feature film debut in this quirky coming of age comedy based on Patty Dann's novel of the same name.

    In the early 1960s, eccentric single mother Mrs. Flax (Cher) solves every problem by picking up and moving her two daughters to a new town. After settling in the small northeastern hamlet of Eastpor...

  48. ...and much more!